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Document generation the smart way

Templater is a library designed to generate documents from existing Office templates. This allows you to create beautiful reports in a fraction of time compared to other solutions.
Templater unique minimal and stable interface allows trivial integration into third party apps without the need for custom coding.
Designers and domain experts will be much more productive by leveraging Microsoft Office tools. Your product can get a distinguishing feature through customization of templates by application users.
Templater understands most of the Word, Excel and PowerPoint features; which allows companies, non-profits and individuals around the world to easily create documents/spreadsheets/presentations in the most cost effective way.

1. [[step_1]]create a template
2. [[step_2]]load data
3. [[step_3]]you're done

Empowering teams, reducing waste

Are you using legacy editors to create reports? Are your developers programming reports through Office automation? Does your document automation workflow require more maintenance than your local nuclear power-station?

Word, Excel and PowerPoint allow you to create visually impressive documents via their advanced features (such as charts, pivots and various others...)

Customization of documents/reports can be done by designers, implementations and even business users without the need for custom coding.

Empower teams to focus on their strength: designers on template design, domain experts on presenting the knowledge and developers on providing the data.

“Most requests for report customizations stopped after customers were able to adjust the template themselves” - Julian Oehrlein, Oradian

Trivial to use, easy to extend

// C#
using (var doc = Configuration.Factory.Open("Template.docx"))
  doc.Process(new { Tag = "a stitch" });

// Java
try (TemplateDocument doc = Configuration.factory().open("Template.docx")) {
  doc.process(new Object() { public final String Tag = "a stitch"; });

// Scala
val doc ="Template.docx")
doc.process(new { val Tag = "a stitch" })

// Console
TemplaterJson.exe Template.docx < input.json > Document.docx

Templater example: a stitch

How will Templater help you?

Small and stable integration API will allow you to stop writing code for each new report and just pass in the relevant data for binding.

Instead of programming reports you will be designing templates in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will allow you to focus on creating beautiful and insightful reports by leveraging advanced Office features (tables, charts, pivots...).

Development is no longer the bottleneck for creating reports since it can be done by designers, implementation or even some tech sawy business users.

Document customization becomes a breeze. Instead of increasing maintenance due to customizations, leverage it by being a core distinguishing feature.

You can license the source code to fully understand the magic behind Templater.

“It has enabled us to put one department in charge of document design and another of gathering data to populate the documents” - Thomas Dunkerley, DLR Kredit

Template design and customization

Office integration for maximum simplicity

While Templater does not require separate editor, Templater Editor for Microsoft Office will seamlessly integrate into Office tools and provide rich and helpful editing experience.

Tag listing can be managed by your application to expose insights into your domain with additional information such as explanations/descriptions and examples.

Tag detection and analysis will validate document for various issues and suggest resolutions to them with useful explanations.

Debugging is available to understand every step of Templater execution. Adjusting template or changing data inputs becomes trivial with replay functionality.

Familiar user interface will require minimal to no training and can be provided even to end users.

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