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Released on: 2020-07-02

Version 4.5.0 for .NET

- Repository access
SHA-1 b864211fe1a48e14f638036edcf7c5b48d3edbb4

Version 4.5.0 for Java

- Repository access
SHA-1 0526007913cebeec83885cc2fe954d398d4cd3c5

Version 4.5.0 for Scala

- Repository access
SHA-1 e58e5ce137e02385489db81802489a0a75aaa505

Templater Editor for Microsoft Office

Available for Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Office 2007 and later.

Sample projects

You can find various example projects at Github repository.

User manual

More information about how Templater works is available in the PDF documentation

Change log

List of changes is available in the change log