Perpetual license

Templater license is perpetual. Annual subscription is available for source code access and continuous support.

Valid license key removes the trial message.

Templater licensing has three main use cases:

Solo developer - most suited for a single individual, or a company where only a single developer works on reporting/with Templater

Reporting team - for companies where many developers (and designers) are working with reporting module/Templater

Enterprise - for companies with critical user facing features built on top of Templater, such as template management by end users

All scenarios allow unlimited number of applications.

Source code

For companies which are including Templater in critical features, or need support for extended period of time - we are encouraging annual subscription licensing of source code.
Having access to source code can help in understanding how Templater works and will provides access to wide range of test cases.
Renewing enterprise subscription cost $500 each year and will extended email support for additional year.

Major version upgrade

License keys are valid within a major version.
Customers within support period will receive a new license key without additional charges.

Alternative payment methods

If you want to inquire about other payment methods, contact us at:


  Solo developer Reporting team Enterprise
Σ $199.00 $999.00 $2,999.00
.NET and Java library Yes Yes Yes
Licensed 1 developer 1 team 1 location
Support (1 year)
Github issues Email Email
Annual support renewal (with major version upgrade)
No $300 $500
Source code No No Yes