Perpetual license

Templater license is perpetual. Annual subscription is available for source code access and continuous support.

Valid license key removes the trial message.

Templater licensing has few main use cases:

Solo developer - to help individuals and small companies (up to 5 employees) bootstrap their business, we allow licensing Templater when Reporting team is unaffordable

Reporting team - for companies where one or more developers (and designers) are working with reporting module/Templater

Enterprise - for companies with critical user facing features built on top of Templater, such as template management by end users

Jumpstart - Enterprise license for companies looking to get Templater experts implement a few initial documents

All scenarios allow unlimited number of applications.

If access to Templater where users are able to provide their own data structures and their own templates for such data structures is exposed over the Internet, a special Metered agreement must be signed, as this kind of usage is considered substantially duplicating capability of Templater.
This is only available for customers with Enterprise license

Templater Editor for Microsoft Office

While Templater does not need special editor, it is much easier to manage templates with the help of Templater Editor for Microsoft Office. It will:

  • analyze documents for tags
  • detect issues with tag setup; and suggest resolutions
  • check document for best practices; and provide suggestions
  • allow running Templater from within Office
  • provide debugger for better understanding/easier issue resolution
Templater Editor requires a separate license which costs €50 per year for each user/installation. License is only valid during active support period. Additional licenses are bought via email:


Additionally to all online documentation, support will be provided to customers experiencing unexpected Templater behavior.
Support will be provided when customer delivers minimal reproducible which can be ran without external dependencies. Reproducible must contain:

  • template document
  • resulting generated document
  • expected output document
  • source code or JSON which can be used to reproduce the exact output document
Support can be utilized to ask clarification about online documentation and inquiries about reference code examples for various features. Support is not meant to be used to provide education about Microsoft Office features or for consulting on building templates with supporting code.

Source code

For companies looking to include Templater in user facing features we are encouraging annual subscription licensing of source code.
Having access to source code can help in understanding how Templater works and will provide access to wide range of test cases.
Source code is provided by granting access to upstream Templater repository.

Major version upgrade

License keys are valid within a major version.
Customers within support period will receive a new license key without additional charges.

Alternative payment methods

If you want to inquire about other payment methods, contact us at:


  Solo developer Reporting team Enterprise Jumpstart
Σ EUR € 249 € 999 € 2 999 € 4 999
.NET and Java library Yes Yes Yes Yes
Licensed 1 developer 1 team 1 location 1 location
Support (1 year)
Github issues Email Email Priority email
Annual support renewal (with major version upgrade)
No € 300 € 500 € 900
Templater Editor for Microsoft Office
No 1 included 3 included 5 included
Source code No No Yes Yes
Initial template consulting No No 1 template 3 templates
Template implementation by expert No No No 3 templates


Q: Can I buy SOLO developer license for my company?
A: Yes if your company has up to 5 employees but only a single developer will work with Templater. But please respect that support for SOLO license is provided via public conversation at Github.

Q: I'd like to test it before buying. Can I get a demo/trial license?
A: Templater can be tested for free before buying. In that case it will inject watermark message at the beginning of the document. Various examples are available at Github

Q: What does this 1 location means?
A: 1 location represents one main physical location where the "office" is located. If a company has an office in Berlin, even remote workers which are considered part of the Berlin office are covered with this 1 location. But employees which work for the London office are not.

Q: I bought SOLO license. Can I buy Templater Editor licenses?
A: No. Templater Editor is only available for Reporting and Enteprise license.

Q: I have a SaaS application. Do I need to sign this special Metered agreement?
A: Most likely not. Only if you are in a way creating competing product to Templater.

Q: Whats the difference between Enterprise and Jumpstart?
A: With Enterprise license we will also provide consulting support for one of your developers to fully implement 1 document. With Jumpstart we can implement (instead of your developer) up to 3 initial documents based on your requirements as long as you can provide expected output and available data in sample application.