What is Templater

Templater is a reporting library with goal to be easily customizable by non-developers. Library has a minimal interface for providing data.
Templater binds provided data with Word and Excel templates to create final reports. It's really as simple as that.
To allow for wide range of scenarios custom plugins can be registered with Templater which can enrich the scope of features available for customization.
Templater is not just a mail-merge library on steroids. It supports collections, nested collections and can create very complex reports.

1. [[step_1]]create a template
2. [[step_2]]load data
3. [[step_3]]you're done

Why should I use Templater

Are you tired of learning complex API and using legacy editors to create reports? Had enough of Office automation? Does your reporting workflow require more maintenance than your local nuclear power-station?

Would you like to use Word and Excel to create pretty reports and leverage their advanced features (such as graphs, pie charts, pivots and various others...)

Do you need to customize reports once you ship them? Do you need to populate reports provided by customers?

Would you like to avoid writing boilerplate and just pass in relevant data to create simple or complex report?

If you answered Yes more than once, Templater is a library for you.

Templater in Action

var myFile = "MyDocument.docx";
var data = new { Tag = "a collar" };

using (var document = Configuration.Factory.Open(myFile))


Templater example: a collar

Watch the video

Here's a video explaining how to quickly get started with Templater, on an example project found in Downloads section.