Excel resizing

When trying to resize tags in Excel, Templater will choose the best possible range which include all tags.
If you have tags on multiple sheets this means that Templater will choose all sheets between first and last one. This is useful for reports which generate mostly the same content but have different first and/or last page.

Page resizing can be invoked in two more ways. If all tags are on single sheet and you want to resize that entire sheet, you can place a single tag in header, or use sheet metadata on one of tags.
For example, if your object has ID property, you can resize entire sheet with [[ID]:sheet] tag.

But sometimes you have nested collection – for example, simple invoice object has items collection, but if we want to process multiple invoices at once, then we probably want table for each items per invoice and some bigger range for invoice data.
Named range enables us to specify how much room we want per single invoice. Ranges can be nested, so very complicated reports can be created this way.
If Templater can't find table or named range, it will calculated maximum range which encapsulates all tags and use this range as context.

Example: Tags across multiple rows
Template screenshot: Tags across multiple rows - before

Result screenshot:
Tags across multiple rows - after

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